AEMPS recommendations on Covid19 to the pharmaceutical industry and distribution


The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has published a series of recommendations for action in the event of Covid-19 infection in the pharmaceutical production and distribution industry, which includes proprietary pharmaceutical laboratories; manufacturers and importers of drugs (for human or veterinary use); manufacturers, importers and distributors of active ingredients; distribution entities; manufacturers, importers, distributors, sterilizers and groupers of medical devices; and manufacturers and distributors of biocides and cosmetics.

The service provided by these industries is considered “essential” in most cases, “since in the current situation an adequate supply of medicines, health products, biocides used as antiseptics for healthy skin, disinfectants of field surfaces must be ensured. sanitary and cosmetic hydroalcoholic solutions for hand cleaning ”, explains said regulatory body.

When there is a confirmed case in these industries, it is necessary to inform and initiate a surveillance of the persons identified as close contacts, following the recommendations published in the document ‘ Strategy for early detection, surveillance and control of Covid-19 ‘, published by the Ministry of Health, and the protocols established in each autonomous community.

On tight contacts

Actions on close contacts between personnel from these sectors who participate in activities considered essential must follow the corresponding recommendations provided in the aforementioned document.

“If the personnel have maintained the recommended measures in each case to prevent transmission, and after an assessment by the occupational risk prevention service if applicable, the essential personnel will be able to continue with their work activity after obtaining a negative PCR result. ”, Details the  AEMPS . It is also recommended to carry out a close self-monitoring of the appearance of symptoms, a maximum observance of the measures to prevent infection and an active monitoring.

At Distefar , from the first moment, we follow all the protocols to avoid contagion. It is a responsibility that we must not overlook.

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