12 March, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry has doubled its investment in clinical research in Spain since 2005

Source: farmaindustria.es In less than three decades Spain has experienced an unprecedented advance in biomedical research, to be placed in the group of countries with better […]
7 March, 2019

The AEMPS explains how to apply for the temporary exemption for batch control in the United Kingdom

Source: actasanitaria.com The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) has informed about the possibility of requesting the temporary exemption from the obligation to carry […]
27 February, 2019

First criteria to offer T-CAR therapies; Health figure “between 5 and 7” reference hospitals

Source: diariomedico.com This Tuesday the institutional working group of the plan on T-CAR therapies in the SNS meets. At the entrance of the meeting, the Minister […]
25 February, 2019

Javier Urzay, deputy director of Farmaindustria: “We want to turn Spain into one of the most attractive places in the world to do biomedical research”

Source: Farmaindustria.es “In this country we have a first-line healthcare system, well-trained health professionals, excellent research centers, committed patient organizations and pioneering legislation in Europe. Along […]
22 February, 2019

The effective participation of patients, essential for the success of clinical trials

Source: Farmaindustria.es Representatives of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, research teams, pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations agree on the opportunity and need to […]
19 February, 2019

One of every six clinical trials that is carried out in Spain is already to investigate orphan drugs

Source: farmaindustria.es The commitment of the pharmaceutical industry to the research and development of treatments for rare diseases is indisputable and, as the data show, growing. […]
13 February, 2019

Spain attracts more than 250 clinical trials in oncohematology in the last four years

Source: Farmaindustria.es Various facts and arguments support the condition of Spain as an attractive country for the development of biopharmaceutical research projects: the quality of its […]
12 February, 2019

Develop new medicines, make them accessible in a sustainable environment and attract investments to the country, objectives of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain

Source: Farmaindustria.es Investigate and develop new medicines more and more precise and effective, facilitate the access of patients to these innovative drugs in an environment of […]
22 January, 2019

The Carlos III Health Institute announces new European calls for research

Source: actasanitaria.com The Health Institute Carlos III (ISCIII) has announced that, through European programs, has “about five million euros” to participate in the latest calls open […]
14 January, 2019

AEMPS corrects its document on instructions for clinical trials in Spain

Source: actasanitaria.com The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) has published the correction of errors of version 10 of the document of instructions for […]
8 January, 2019

A new refinement increases the safety of CAR-T therapy

Source: Immedicohospitalario.es Bellicum Pharma has reported the preliminary results of its phase I / II dose escalation study in 12 patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer treated […]
26 December, 2018

Investigations of the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research

Source: Immedicohospitalario.es The studies published by the CNIC scientists during the year 2017 consolidate this center as an institution of Spanish and international research excellence, highlighting […]
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