19 September, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry’s plan to expand clinical trials in primary care

Only 7.5% are carried out in health centres. In order to alleviate this situation, Farmaindustria has presented a programme to promote them in outpatient clinics. Source: […]
14 September, 2023

Health commitment to the pharmaceutical industry’s Strategic Plan to avoid losing 8,000 million euros

“We are going to create a favourable environment”. This statement by José Manuel Miñones is the first step towards a roadmap that would highlight the key […]
12 September, 2023

Improving patient access to innovative medicines and boosting R&D and manufacturing in Spain are the main priorities of the pharmaceutical industry

“We must take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the EU to include health, medicines and the innovative pharmaceutical […]
25 July, 2023

The rise of combination therapies in cancer opens up an opportunity for patients, but requires improved access procedures

Over the next five years, the number of cancer treatments consisting of more than one drug will double, with 68 authorisations expected to be granted The […]
18 July, 2023

The 22nd Meeting of the Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry will focus on the reform of European legislation and its impact on Spain

The forum, organised by the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) and Farmaindustria, will be held on 7 and 8 September in Santander Patient representatives, drug authorities, […]
10 July, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry, one of the most value-added sectors in Europe

The sector invests 41.5 billion euros in research and directly employs some 840,000 people 300 billion, exports ¤565 billion and contributes ¤175 billion to the EU-27 […]
4 July, 2023

Pharmaceutical companies set a record for investment in collaborations with the healthcare system through R&D and support for lifelong learning

Last year, the sector contributed 313 million euros for organisations and healthcare professionals to participate in research and development activities for new treatments For the eighth […]
27 June, 2023

Spain, a global power in clinical trials

One out of every three tests carried out in Europe takes place in Spain. Investment has grown by 5.3% annually since 2011, to almost 800 million […]
19 June, 2023

“We must bring clinical trials closer to the patient’s home, and for this, research in primary care is vital”

The associate director of Clinical and Translational Research at Farmaindustria, Amelia Martín Uranga, explained at a forum organised by the POP that work is already underway […]
5 June, 2023

“Difficulties in access to orphan drugs in Spain are detrimental to patients, the healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies”

The director of Farmaindustria’s Access Department, Isabel Pineros, explains the situation of these drugs in Spain at a conference organised by the Kronos Foundation, the Hospital […]
30 May, 2023


On 23 May, part of the Distefar team attended the biomedical research technology platform. The opening was a conference by Juan José Vaquero, entitled “Strategy for […]
25 May, 2023

“The availability of oncology drugs needs to improve, as only 57% of those approved in Europe are available”

The director of Farmaindustria’s Access department analyses the challenges in the access of these patients to pharmaceutical innovation at a conference of the Spanish Society of […]
22 May, 2023

Clinical trials, hope for today’s patients and new medicines for tomorrow’s patients

International Clinical Trials Day commemorates the importance of clinical trials every 20 May Clinical trials advance medicine and address unmet medical needs Source: In the […]
11 May, 2023

“The increase in international competitiveness and digitalisation will require more investment to ensure that Spain remains at the forefront of biomedical R&D”

The Deputy Director General of Farmaindustria, Javier Urzay, recalls that this is a key moment to define the country’s strategy in research to face the new […]
8 May, 2023

“Bringing clinical trials closer to the patient’s home is a challenge in which the public and private sectors must go hand in hand”

This measure allows for greater participation and the inclusion of a more diverse population, which improves the scientific quality of the studies, as highlighted by Farmaindustria’s […]
2 May, 2023

Farmaindustria assures that the revision of the European pharmaceutical legislation “puts the future of the industry at risk”

In the opinion of the employers’ association, it “represents yet another barrier to patient access to innovative treatments” Source: Following the proposed revision of the […]
24 April, 2023

“It’s time for Europe to make up for lost ground in pharmaceutical innovation”

Farmaindustria brings together in Spain the main European National Associations representing the innovative pharmaceutical industry and the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry together with the […]
17 April, 2023

Fifteen organisations sign up to the Code on Data Protection in Clinical Trials in its first year

Farmaindustria states that it is “the first sectoral code approved by the AEPD and a reference at European level” Source: Farmaindustria has announced that a […]
13 March, 2023

Spain authorised more than 900 clinical trials with medicines in 2022, according to the Spanish Clinical Trials Register (REEC). These figures exceed those recorded in the years prior to the pandemic

Source: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain and spinal cord. It is caused by damage to […]
8 March, 2023

Paediatric clinical trials to grow by 24% by 2022, with special focus on cancer and nervous system diseases

Data from the Spanish Clinical Trials Register reveal the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry, which finances 88% of trials with paediatric patients. Incentives for innovation are […]
21 February, 2023

Promoting R&D, equity, access and measurement of health outcomes, priorities for the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against cancer

Oncology is one of the key issues on the health agenda that Spain will take to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in […]
13 February, 2023

“It is necessary to establish a system of early access to drugs that provide greater clinical benefit to cancer patients”

Farmaindustria’s Director of Access, Isabel Pineros, analyses the current challenges of access to therapeutic innovation at the Spanish Summit against Cancer, organised by Gepac “We must […]
6 February, 2023

HM Hospitales puts the number of patients in clinical trials of its Research Foundation in 2022 at “almost 1,300”.

Three times the number of three years ago Source: The health group HM Hospitales has reported that “almost 1,300” patients participated in 2022 in clinical […]
30 January, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry reaches a record figure for research and development of new medicines

2021 closes with the best R&D investment figures ever: the pharmaceutical industry allocates 1,267 million euros to both private and public projects. Source: Investing in […]
23 January, 2023

Pharmaceutical industry launches project to promote patient participation in cross-border clinical trials in the EU

The project is called Borders should no longer be barriers and has been promoted by Efpia and the European Good Clinical Practice Forum, in collaboration with […]
17 January, 2023

Spain registers more than 900 clinical trials in 2022, above pre-pandemic levels

25% of the studies authorised last year are already for orphan drugs to combat rare diseases 86% of trials are driven by the pharmaceutical industry Javier […]
10 January, 2023

“Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest potential for the manufacture of medicines”

The pharmaceutical industry in Spain has a total of 103 production plants, a figure that rises to 173 when active ingredients and veterinary medicines are added […]
20 December, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry reinforces its commitment to Spain and sets a new record in R&D investment, with 1,267 million euros

The figure reached in 2021 is 9% higher than in 2020, when, despite the pandemic, the sector achieved the second best record in its history up […]
13 December, 2022

Revolutionary therapy targets the most serious cancers by ‘doping’ the immune system

A Dutch team has developed a cell therapy for metastatic melanoma that improves on the current standard. Source: Researchers in the Netherlands and Denmark have […]
12 December, 2022

Farmaindustria promotes the creation of a working group to promote clinical trials in primary care

Representatives of scientific societies, public administrations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies make up the group. Clinical research at this level of care has a great opportunity for […]