11 November, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry reaffirms its commitment to R&D in rare diseases

The number of new treatments available against rare pathologies has multiplied by 20 in Europe since 2000 The industry insists on collaboration with governments and health […]
7 November, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry already invests more than 660 million euros a year in clinical research in Spain

It is one of the keys that explain why Spain has become one of the countries in Europe with better conditions to develop clinical trials of […]
5 November, 2019

Investment in R&D of the pharmaceutical industry, a value for the whole society

Experts from the Weber Foundation and Farmaindustria clear some doubts about drug spending and analyze research challenges. Source: The pharmaceutical sector is high risk; For […]
18 October, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry has in the R&D phase 140 new medicines against mental disorders

To the suffering of patients and relatives there are costs that in the European Union equal 4% of the GDP of the member countries This Thursday […]
16 October, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry strengthens its commitment to pediatric clinical research and already promotes nine out of ten trials in this field

Farmaindustria participates in Santiago de Compostela in the II National Meeting of the Spanish Network of Pediatric Clinical Trials Source: The research and development of […]
3 October, 2019

More hospitals aspire to become CAR-T centers

Source: IM Medical Publimas Digital s.l. The Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities have met to assess the suitability of new candidates to administer this […]
30 September, 2019

New drugs in cardiovascular disease, a success story

The pharmaceutical industry currently has about 600 new treatments against developing cardiovascular pathologies This Sunday, September 29, World Heart Day is celebrated Source: Cardiovascular diseases […]
16 September, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry develops in Spain almost 200 clinical trials on lung cancer

The European Week of this tumor has been celebrated, of which almost 30,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Spain Despite being one of the […]
10 September, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies reaffirm their commitment to research and access to innovation in Spain

Predictability, adequate taxation and imagination in the search for solutions, within the framework of a constant dialogue with the Administration, keys to ensure the advancement of […]
29 July, 2019

A global and long-term analysis of the medication is essential to consider all its health, economic and social benefits

Impact on patient health, health system management and economic growth, among the most relevant effects The director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Studies, Pedro Luis Sánchez, […]
22 July, 2019

Each year 15,000 patients participate in clinical trials promoted by the pharmaceutical industry in Spain

Each year 15,000 patients participate in clinical trials promoted by the pharmaceutical industry in Spain Source: Spain has become one of the reference countries in […]
18 July, 2019

“Spanish society should know that participating in a clinical trial is something beneficial”

Farmaindustria participates in the program ‘Es la Tarde de Dieter’, by EsRadio, in a debate on clinical research in Spain Source: Clinical trials, which are […]