21 February, 2023

Promoting R&D, equity, access and measurement of health outcomes, priorities for the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against cancer

Oncology is one of the key issues on the health agenda that Spain will take to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in […]
13 February, 2023

“It is necessary to establish a system of early access to drugs that provide greater clinical benefit to cancer patients”

Farmaindustria’s Director of Access, Isabel Pineros, analyses the current challenges of access to therapeutic innovation at the Spanish Summit against Cancer, organised by Gepac “We must […]
6 February, 2023

HM Hospitales puts the number of patients in clinical trials of its Research Foundation in 2022 at “almost 1,300”.

Three times the number of three years ago Source: The health group HM Hospitales has reported that “almost 1,300” patients participated in 2022 in clinical […]
30 January, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry reaches a record figure for research and development of new medicines

2021 closes with the best R&D investment figures ever: the pharmaceutical industry allocates 1,267 million euros to both private and public projects. Source: Investing in […]
23 January, 2023

Pharmaceutical industry launches project to promote patient participation in cross-border clinical trials in the EU

The project is called Borders should no longer be barriers and has been promoted by Efpia and the European Good Clinical Practice Forum, in collaboration with […]
17 January, 2023

Spain registers more than 900 clinical trials in 2022, above pre-pandemic levels

25% of the studies authorised last year are already for orphan drugs to combat rare diseases 86% of trials are driven by the pharmaceutical industry Javier […]
10 January, 2023

“Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest potential for the manufacture of medicines”

The pharmaceutical industry in Spain has a total of 103 production plants, a figure that rises to 173 when active ingredients and veterinary medicines are added […]
20 December, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry reinforces its commitment to Spain and sets a new record in R&D investment, with 1,267 million euros

The figure reached in 2021 is 9% higher than in 2020, when, despite the pandemic, the sector achieved the second best record in its history up […]
13 December, 2022

Revolutionary therapy targets the most serious cancers by ‘doping’ the immune system

A Dutch team has developed a cell therapy for metastatic melanoma that improves on the current standard. Source: Researchers in the Netherlands and Denmark have […]
12 December, 2022

Farmaindustria promotes the creation of a working group to promote clinical trials in primary care

Representatives of scientific societies, public administrations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies make up the group. Clinical research at this level of care has a great opportunity for […]
1 December, 2022

AEMPS Bulletin November 2022 on medicinal products for human use

Source: This report outlines the medicines already assessed by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), which are considered to be of greatest interest […]
21 November, 2022

New drugs associated with a 29% reduction in cancer deaths in Spain in a single year

A study by Professor Lichtenberg of Columbia University attributes up to 96% of the increase in life expectancy in cancer patients and a high degree of […]
15 November, 2022

Europe is losing weight in R&D investment in new drugs in the face of US and China’s drive

A report by the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Efpia) insists that our continent has lost 25% of its weight in this area in the […]
10 November, 2022

“There must be a national commitment for Spain to remain at the forefront of clinical research”.

Increased international competitiveness and digitalisation will require more investment in infrastructure and resources to ensure that our country remains at the forefront of biomedical R&D Source: […]
27 October, 2022

Multiple sclerosis patients interested in clinical trials

Farmaindustria explains to Esclerosis Múltiple Euskadi what these studies consist of, how to take part in them and how research into this pathology is progressing Source: […]
25 October, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry leads the world in R&D investment: it now exceeds 200 billion a year

Aerospace and defence investment is eight times higher than in the aerospace and defence industry, seven times higher than in the chemical industry, and twice as […]
17 October, 2022

Biomedical R&D advances in the aftermath of the pandemic: the pharmaceutical industry has 8,000 drugs under investigation, 10% of them for rare diseases

Oncology, infectious diseases, neurology, haematology and endocrinology are the areas with the highest number of clinical trials with new treatments underway. Seven out of ten molecules […]
27 September, 2022

Argentinean health authorities and pharmaceutical industry are interested in the keys to Spain’s leadership in clinical research

Farmaindustria explains to some twenty experts some of the policies and initiatives that have made Spain an international benchmark in clinical drug trials Source: Representatives […]
19 July, 2022

More training and information to move towards excellence in clinical trials in Spain

Farmaindustria organises workshops with representatives of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Spanish Medicines Agency to continue working on the implementation of the new Code […]
24 June, 2022

Farmaindustria highlights the consolidation of Spain’s leadership in biomedical R&D, within the Strategic Plan of the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the framework of its General Assembly, held in Madrid Source: In the framework of its General Assembly, held in Madrid, Farmaindustria has highlighted, this […]
13 June, 2022

How research into new medicines changes people’s lives

Representatives of patients’ associations, researchers and experts in health economics debate in the newspaper El Español on the link between health, the economy and the well-being […]
10 June, 2022

The digital transformation of biomedical research must be deployed with full safeguards for patients

The creation of the European Health Data Space is emerging as a great opportunity to boost R&D for new medicines. Public-private collaboration, once again, at the […]
9 June, 2022

Clinical trial succeeds in eliminating cancer in all participants

For the first time in the history of medicine a drug completely kills all patients’ tumours Source: It’s called dostarlimab, it’s an experimental cancer drug, […]
21 April, 2022

“Our code of conduct on data protection in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance is a benchmark for the future European code”.

Farmaindustria’s self-regulation document is the focus of a scientific meeting organised by the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy.   Source: Less than a month ago […]
22 March, 2022

Hospital Puerta de Hierro joins a clinical trial that could change the paradigm of lung cancer

Source: The Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, led by the Head of the Medical Oncology Department, Dr. Mariano Provencio, is participating in an international […]
18 February, 2022

High intratumoural heterogeneity of endometrial cancer revealed

Source: Spanish researchers have just published a study that unravels the high intratumoural heterogeneity present in the different subtypes of endometrial cancer (serous and endometrioid) […]
14 February, 2022

CNIO, scientific leadership in oncology research

Source: It is among the top 10 cancer research centres in the world and among the top two in Europe. Since its creation in 1998, […]
9 February, 2022

The new European harmonization of clinical trials, an opportunity to attract more investment to Spain

Since yesterday, the new Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS) has been operational, which centralizes processes with the aim of speeding up these studies Our country starts […]
3 February, 2022

Spain can benefit from the new European harmonization of clinical trials

The new Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS), which centralizes processes with the aim of speeding up these studies, is now operational Source: With the entry […]
24 January, 2022

Seven out of ten drugs in clinical development are ‘first in class’.

A report on the research pipeline of global pharmaceutical companies highlights the importance of this ‘first-in-class’ share for patients with unmet medical needs. It captures notable […]
21 December, 2023

Paediatricians join project to boost clinical research in primary care

The working group led by Farmaindustria holds a new meeting, with the participation of two new pharmaceutical companies. The drive for clinical research in Primary […]
19 December, 2023

R&D investment in the pharmaceutical industry reaches 1.4 billion euros in Spain and grows by 10% in just one year

Of the €1.395 billion registered in 2022, 60% was devoted to clinical trial development. One out of every eight euros is already spent on basic and […]
11 December, 2023

“The European Health Data Space is an opportunity to gain greater efficiency in cancer drug research”.

Farmaindustria participates in the Medical Oncology, Haematology and Oncohaematology Pharmacy Congress ‘Building Bridges’, where data management in biomedical research was discussed. “The proposed Regulation for […]
1 December, 2023

“Clinical trials are a hope for patients with rare diseases and already account for 25% of all research done in Spain”.

Farmaindustria’s CEO, Juan Yermo, participates in the conference ‘Towards a Comprehensive European Plan: Spain’s involvement with Rare Diseases’, organised by Feder in the Spanish Congress of […]
27 November, 2023

Boosting clinical research in Primary Care, an opportunity for patients, professionals and the health system

Farmaindustria presents the ‘Guide of good practice recommendations for the promotion of clinical research in Primary Care’, which will bring new treatment opportunities to patients in […]
21 November, 2023

“The European Health Data Space is a unique opportunity that will improve research and innovation for the whole of society.

The director of Farmaindustria’s Research Department participates in a round table on the regulation of this project held at the European Parliament Office in Madrid. “For […]
13 November, 2023

Farmaindustria’s protection of personal data in research is already a benchmark in Europe and is a further incentive to attract clinical trials to Spain.

The Code of Conduct regulating the processing of personal data in clinical trials approved in 2022 makes it easier for companies and researchers to correctly comply […]
2 November, 2023

Medicines for rare diseases already account for 39% of those authorised in Europe, but take more than two years to reach Spain

The director of Farmaindustria’s Access Department, Isabel Pineros, participates in the XVI International Congress on Rare Diseases: “In recent years we have seen great advances in […]
30 October, 2023

New drugs reduce cancer deaths in Spain by almost 30%.

This is demonstrated by a recent study by Professor Frank R. Lichtenberg of Columbia University, which has just been published in the journal Value in Health. […]
24 October, 2023

Precision medicine opens new hopes in breast cancer: 14 targeted therapies authorized since 2018

On World Disease Day, which is celebrated on October 19, Farmaindustria remembers the importance of clinical trials, the previous step for the arrival of innovative treatments […]
17 October, 2023

Farmaindustria launches a proposal to speed up the delivery of innovative medicines to patients in cases where the benefit is most relevant

The document proposes, without the need for a regulatory change, a procedure that would allow the equitable arrival of drugs that meet certain criteria that make […]
11 October, 2023

Urgent measures are needed to encourage innovation and production and enable Europe to make up lost ground.   In a political context with elections called for the European Parliament at the beginning of June 2024 and with Spain holding the presidency of […]