15 September, 2020

Arranca el primer ensayo en humanos de una vacuna Covid-19 en España

Janssen’s coronavirus vaccine will be tested in 190 Spanish volunteers and the study will last between 4 and 6 months Source: Spain begins, this week, […]
11 September, 2020

AEMPS recommendations on Covid19 to the pharmaceutical industry and distribution

Source: The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has published a series of recommendations for action in the event of Covid-19 infection in the […]
10 September, 2020

They identify a key protein to prevent breast cancer metastasis

HIR researchers have described the role of B3 integrin in cell-to-cell communication, key to the development of metastases. Source: A team of researchers from the Translational […]
3 September, 2020

Spain, protagonist in clinical trials to find the coronavirus vaccine

Source: The three hospitals participating in the research; La Paz y la Princesa in Madrid and Valdecilla in Santander, have already recruited the participating volunteers. […]
21 July, 2020


Source: Within the terrible pandemic that plagues the world there has been some good news, such as the demonstration of Spain’s leadership in clinical research. […]
14 July, 2020

The coronavirus crisis shows the importance of promoting the digital transformation of healthcare

Many digital solutions put into practice during the pandemic, such as remote monitoring, can help consolidate Spain’s leadership in clinical drug trials.Farmaindustria participates in the Covid-19 […]
8 July, 2020

Approved the call for independent clinical trials of the Carlos III Health Institute

Source: The Council of Ministers has authorized, on Tuesday, July 7, the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), the call for grants for independent clinical research […]
25 June, 2020

Investment in research and recovery of production, bases to revive the economy

Source: “Investment in research and the recovery of offshoring production are the bases to reactivate the Spanish economy from the pharmaceutical industry”, as detailed by […]
23 June, 2020

The RERFAR-COVID19 SEFH Registry identifies drugs that reduce mortality from the disease

Source: 06-22-2020 The results analyze the evolution of 13,500 patients from 174 hospitals thanks to the work of more than 1,000 Hospital Pharmacists that reveal […]
18 June, 2020

Quality employment, more investment in research and more production in Spain, pharmaceutical industry proposals for economic and social reconstruction

The president of Farmaindustria appears before the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction presenting the position of the pharmaceutical industry The pharmaceutical sector has proved essential […]
16 June, 2020

Spain, a pioneer country against counterfeiting drugs

June 8, the World Day against Counterfeiting and Piracy is celebrated Our country was one of the first and with the highest volume of activity to […]
8 June, 2020

Collaboration between the healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry, key for Spain to consolidate its leadership in clinical trials

Representatives of the Spanish Medicines Agency, patient associations, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry debate in a webinar on how to promote clinical research in Spain Measures […]
26 May, 2020

The clinical trial, a value bet for the healthcare system, professionals, patients and industry.

On May 20, Clinical Trial Day is celebrated worldwide About 80% of the studies that are launched in Spain are driven by the pharmaceutical industry Spain […]
25 May, 2020

Novo Nordisk Spain increases patients in clinical trials by 50% in three years

Source: Since 2018, Novo Nordisk Spain has increased the number of patients in clinical trials by 50%, as detailed by Fernando Fuentes, head of Clinical […]
22 May, 2020

Almost a thousand clinical trials, more than 230 drugs and vaccines to combat Covid-19

Industrial property is “the main reason why there is such a solid base of innovation from which to work to find solutions,” says the director of […]
14 May, 2020

World Asthma Day: fifty hundred medicines in development for one of the most prevalent pathologies

This chronic disease has an incidence of between 3 and 7% of the population in Spain, according to experts Treatments provide clear results in patients’ health […]
12 May, 2020

Drug research as an opportunity for Spain

In just a few months, Spain has launched 64 clinical trials with potential anti-coronavirus drugs, ranking first in Europe and fourth in the world. The brutal […]
27 April, 2020

Objective: to maintain clinical trials without putting patients’ health at risk

Farmaindustria participates in a Eupati webinar aimed at patients from all over Spain Explain how laboratories are working, in collaboration with researchers and hospitals, so that […]
21 April, 2020

New clinical trial designs and more resources for Spain to achieve excellence

Via: Clinical and industry experts carry out a decalogue with measures to strengthen the Spanish research system In recent years, Spain has positioned itself among […]
20 April, 2020

Spain, a world leader in conducting clinical trials of new drugs

Via: Farmaindustria has collected in a document the measures that 120 experts from hospital centers and pharmaceutical companies propose to boost Spanish leadership and attract […]
18 March, 2020

Exceptional measures for tests for problems derived from the emergency by COVID-19

Source: The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), as the competent national authority in the authorization of clinical trials, has proposed a series […]
9 March, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry warns of the risk of Europe becoming a non-driving, receiving market for innovation

The European employer of the innovative industry has its sights set on the roadmap of the Industrial Strategy for the sector, which will be published next […]
4 March, 2020

The pharmaceutical sector, the basis of a new production model in Spain

Source: The pharmaceutical industry is positioned as a leading actor for the necessary evolution of the Spanish economy towards a productive model supported by innovation […]
24 February, 2020

Create the test that predicts the risk of infection in kidney transplants

Source: The clinical efficacy of this new diagnosed tool has been tested in five hospitals with clinical trials, which is a step towards personalized medicine […]
10 February, 2020

Drug R&D: increasingly high development costs and lower returns

The expected return on investment in new medicines stands at 1.8%, the lowest point in the last 10 years, according to a Deloitte report On the […]
7 February, 2020

SEFH joins the World Cancer Day recalling the importance of healthy habits and research

Source: The arrival of advanced therapies, such as CAR-T cells, immunotherapy or other targeted treatments and their incorporation into the assistance protocols are being able […]
6 February, 2020

Clinical research in Spain seeks new impulses to maintain its leadership position in Europe

Farmaindustria advocates strengthening the role of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (Aemps) to maintain the competitiveness of our country in biomedical R&D The […]
5 February, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry responds to the increased incidence of cancer: one in two clinical trials focuses on oncology

The impulse to biomedical research in this area allows disease control for longer, increases survival and improves the quality of life of patients The Spanish Agency […]
28 January, 2020

Clinical trials, cost savings for the system and innovative therapies for the patient

They are essential to demonstrate the safety of medicines, but they also represent a significant cost savings in the health centers where they are carried out. […]
16 January, 2020

The Economic and Social Council advises the Government to promote investment in R&D

Source: Farmaindustria has reported that the Economic and Social Council (CES), a consultative body of the Government in socio-economic and labor matters, published a comprehensive […]
19 June, 2023

“We must bring clinical trials closer to the patient’s home, and for this, research in primary care is vital”

The associate director of Clinical and Translational Research at Farmaindustria, Amelia Martín Uranga, explained at a forum organised by the POP that work is already underway […]
30 May, 2023


On 23 May, part of the Distefar team attended the biomedical research technology platform. The opening was a conference by Juan José Vaquero, entitled “Strategy for […]
25 May, 2023

“The availability of oncology drugs needs to improve, as only 57% of those approved in Europe are available”

The director of Farmaindustria’s Access department analyses the challenges in the access of these patients to pharmaceutical innovation at a conference of the Spanish Society of […]
22 May, 2023

Clinical trials, hope for today’s patients and new medicines for tomorrow’s patients

International Clinical Trials Day commemorates the importance of clinical trials every 20 May Clinical trials advance medicine and address unmet medical needs Source: In the […]
11 May, 2023

“The increase in international competitiveness and digitalisation will require more investment to ensure that Spain remains at the forefront of biomedical R&D”

The Deputy Director General of Farmaindustria, Javier Urzay, recalls that this is a key moment to define the country’s strategy in research to face the new […]
8 May, 2023

“Bringing clinical trials closer to the patient’s home is a challenge in which the public and private sectors must go hand in hand”

This measure allows for greater participation and the inclusion of a more diverse population, which improves the scientific quality of the studies, as highlighted by Farmaindustria’s […]
2 May, 2023

Farmaindustria assures that the revision of the European pharmaceutical legislation “puts the future of the industry at risk”

In the opinion of the employers’ association, it “represents yet another barrier to patient access to innovative treatments” Source: Following the proposed revision of the […]
24 April, 2023

“It’s time for Europe to make up for lost ground in pharmaceutical innovation”

Farmaindustria brings together in Spain the main European National Associations representing the innovative pharmaceutical industry and the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry together with the […]
17 April, 2023

Fifteen organisations sign up to the Code on Data Protection in Clinical Trials in its first year

Farmaindustria states that it is “the first sectoral code approved by the AEPD and a reference at European level” Source: Farmaindustria has announced that a […]
13 March, 2023

Spain authorised more than 900 clinical trials with medicines in 2022, according to the Spanish Clinical Trials Register (REEC). These figures exceed those recorded in the years prior to the pandemic

Source: Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain and spinal cord. It is caused by damage to […]
8 March, 2023

Paediatric clinical trials to grow by 24% by 2022, with special focus on cancer and nervous system diseases

Data from the Spanish Clinical Trials Register reveal the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry, which finances 88% of trials with paediatric patients. Incentives for innovation are […]
21 February, 2023

Promoting R&D, equity, access and measurement of health outcomes, priorities for the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against cancer

Oncology is one of the key issues on the health agenda that Spain will take to the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in […]