13 January, 2020

2019, a new year of “progress” and “remarkable progress” for pharmaceutical innovation

The European agency EMA gives green light to 30 new drugs and the US FDA, to 48 Hematology and oncology account for more than a third […]
10 January, 2020

The keys that can turn Spain into a reference for biomedical research

Source: Our country is one of the best conditions to host biomedical and pharmaceutical research projects, both national and international. In 1886, scientists Oskar Minkowski […]
8 January, 2020

The pharmaceutical industry accelerates against lung cancer, the one with the highest mortality in Spain

One in five clinical trials in Oncology in our country investigates this type of tumor, which causes 22,000 deaths per year The available treatments have tripled […]
11 December, 2019

“We have put the name of Vall d’Hebron on the map of world oncology”

  Source: Such a high percentage of participation in clinical research studies has no one. The Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) is a research […]
27 November, 2019

Andalusian high school students are interested in drug R&D

The Maternal and Child Hospital of Malaga hosted on Wednesday a new edition of the day ‘Bringing science closer to schools. Drug research and development ’, […]
20 November, 2019

Farmaindustria reinforces the collaboration to promote clinical research in Spain

Meeting with hospital pharmacists to exchange knowledge and experience between industry and professionals to promote trials It was agreed to establish a mixed working group to […]
15 November, 2019

#WeWontRest until we beat Alzheimer’s disease – together

Source: Unlocking the mystery behind Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and improving care for people require new types of partnership. As we navigate uncertain waters, we […]
11 November, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry reaffirms its commitment to R&D in rare diseases

The number of new treatments available against rare pathologies has multiplied by 20 in Europe since 2000 The industry insists on collaboration with governments and health […]
7 November, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry already invests more than 660 million euros a year in clinical research in Spain

It is one of the keys that explain why Spain has become one of the countries in Europe with better conditions to develop clinical trials of […]
5 November, 2019

Investment in R&D of the pharmaceutical industry, a value for the whole society

Experts from the Weber Foundation and Farmaindustria clear some doubts about drug spending and analyze research challenges. Source: The pharmaceutical sector is high risk; For […]
18 October, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry has in the R&D phase 140 new medicines against mental disorders

To the suffering of patients and relatives there are costs that in the European Union equal 4% of the GDP of the member countries This Thursday […]
16 October, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry strengthens its commitment to pediatric clinical research and already promotes nine out of ten trials in this field

Farmaindustria participates in Santiago de Compostela in the II National Meeting of the Spanish Network of Pediatric Clinical Trials Source: The research and development of […]
3 October, 2019

More hospitals aspire to become CAR-T centers

Source: IM Medical Publimas Digital s.l. The Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities have met to assess the suitability of new candidates to administer this […]
30 September, 2019

New drugs in cardiovascular disease, a success story

The pharmaceutical industry currently has about 600 new treatments against developing cardiovascular pathologies This Sunday, September 29, World Heart Day is celebrated Source: Cardiovascular diseases […]
16 September, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry develops in Spain almost 200 clinical trials on lung cancer

The European Week of this tumor has been celebrated, of which almost 30,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in Spain Despite being one of the […]
10 September, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies reaffirm their commitment to research and access to innovation in Spain

Predictability, adequate taxation and imagination in the search for solutions, within the framework of a constant dialogue with the Administration, keys to ensure the advancement of […]
29 July, 2019

A global and long-term analysis of the medication is essential to consider all its health, economic and social benefits

Impact on patient health, health system management and economic growth, among the most relevant effects The director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Studies, Pedro Luis Sánchez, […]
22 July, 2019

Each year 15,000 patients participate in clinical trials promoted by the pharmaceutical industry in Spain

Each year 15,000 patients participate in clinical trials promoted by the pharmaceutical industry in Spain Source: Spain has become one of the reference countries in […]
18 July, 2019

“Spanish society should know that participating in a clinical trial is something beneficial”

Farmaindustria participates in the program ‘Es la Tarde de Dieter’, by EsRadio, in a debate on clinical research in Spain Source: Clinical trials, which are […]
16 July, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies, managers, healthcare professionals and researchers seek to strengthen the excellence of clinical trials in Spain

Farmaindustria brings together in Madrid more than 120 experts to continue advancing in an area in which our country is already an international benchmark Source: […]
24 June, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry facilitates the participation of more than 150,000 patients in clinical trials in the last 12 years

More than half of the clinical research with medicines is done in the early stages, the most complex Strengthen the participation of patients in all stages […]
17 June, 2019

Private healthcare already participates in half of clinical trials

Specifically, they collaborate in 48.5 percent of them according to Farmaindustria data Source: Between 2004 and 2018, private health centers have participated in 1,431 clinical […]
11 June, 2019

Spain takes a step forward in clinical research in early phases in pediatrics and rare diseases

Farmaindustria is working on a new online Guide for Early Phase Clinical Research Units for the benefit of the research community The University Hospital La Paz […]
30 May, 2019

CAR-T therapy, future option to improve the treatment of multiple myeloma

The day ‘Controversies in patients with myeloma: candidate or not to haematopoietic transplantation and in relapse’, organized by the Jiménez Díaz Foundation and the San Carlos […]
27 May, 2019

The resignation of May dilates the concern of the pharmaceutical companies before a Brexit without agreement

After almost three years at the head of the Government, Theresa May has announced that she will present her resignation on June 7. Source: This […]
24 May, 2019

Clinical trials, key to developing new drugs and valuable for the economy and cost savings health

Source: Each new drug that reaches patients has one behind or, in general, several successful clinical trials. The clinical trial, which in the vast majority […]
24 May, 2019

Savings of 10,000 euros / patient for the clinical trials of the industry

Source: The clinical trials promoted by the pharmaceutical industry “are not only vital to develop new treatments for patients, but also play an important role […]
24 May, 2019

Conference “University research and regulatory compliance of the RGPD”

Source: Scientific research in general, and biomedical research in particular, are activities of general public interest, given the benefits they bring to society as a […]
2 May, 2019

An atlas at the individual cell level will improve precision medicine in breast cancer

It reveals the diversity of cancer and immune cells in the tumor ecosystem, with the aim of better selecting treatments. Source: Investigadores University of Zurich […]
29 April, 2019

The protection of intellectual property, key to the development of new medicines

Source: The regulatory ecosystem for the protection of intellectual property in Europe works. The set of laws, regulations and incentives developed by the European Union […]
13 February, 2023

“It is necessary to establish a system of early access to drugs that provide greater clinical benefit to cancer patients”

Farmaindustria’s Director of Access, Isabel Pineros, analyses the current challenges of access to therapeutic innovation at the Spanish Summit against Cancer, organised by Gepac “We must […]
6 February, 2023

HM Hospitales puts the number of patients in clinical trials of its Research Foundation in 2022 at “almost 1,300”.

Three times the number of three years ago Source: The health group HM Hospitales has reported that “almost 1,300” patients participated in 2022 in clinical […]
30 January, 2023

The pharmaceutical industry reaches a record figure for research and development of new medicines

2021 closes with the best R&D investment figures ever: the pharmaceutical industry allocates 1,267 million euros to both private and public projects. Source: Investing in […]
23 January, 2023

Pharmaceutical industry launches project to promote patient participation in cross-border clinical trials in the EU

The project is called Borders should no longer be barriers and has been promoted by Efpia and the European Good Clinical Practice Forum, in collaboration with […]
17 January, 2023

Spain registers more than 900 clinical trials in 2022, above pre-pandemic levels

25% of the studies authorised last year are already for orphan drugs to combat rare diseases 86% of trials are driven by the pharmaceutical industry Javier […]
10 January, 2023

“Spain is one of the European countries with the greatest potential for the manufacture of medicines”

The pharmaceutical industry in Spain has a total of 103 production plants, a figure that rises to 173 when active ingredients and veterinary medicines are added […]
20 December, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry reinforces its commitment to Spain and sets a new record in R&D investment, with 1,267 million euros

The figure reached in 2021 is 9% higher than in 2020, when, despite the pandemic, the sector achieved the second best record in its history up […]
13 December, 2022

Revolutionary therapy targets the most serious cancers by ‘doping’ the immune system

A Dutch team has developed a cell therapy for metastatic melanoma that improves on the current standard. Source: Researchers in the Netherlands and Denmark have […]
12 December, 2022

Farmaindustria promotes the creation of a working group to promote clinical trials in primary care

Representatives of scientific societies, public administrations, researchers and pharmaceutical companies make up the group. Clinical research at this level of care has a great opportunity for […]
1 December, 2022

AEMPS Bulletin November 2022 on medicinal products for human use

Source: This report outlines the medicines already assessed by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), which are considered to be of greatest interest […]
21 November, 2022

New drugs associated with a 29% reduction in cancer deaths in Spain in a single year

A study by Professor Lichtenberg of Columbia University attributes up to 96% of the increase in life expectancy in cancer patients and a high degree of […]
15 November, 2022

Europe is losing weight in R&D investment in new drugs in the face of US and China’s drive

A report by the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Efpia) insists that our continent has lost 25% of its weight in this area in the […]