12 April, 2019

New agenda of the Aemps: management by objectives and supply plan

Source: The Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products has presented its Strategic Plan 2019-2022 that includes a total of 11 measures that aim to […]
11 April, 2019

Clinical trials provide a positive economic impact on the NHS

Source: The carrying out of clinical trials in Spanish hospitals and research centers has very positive consequences for the agents involved. For the health system, […]
9 April, 2019

Spain, before a historic opportunity in the commitment to clinical trials

Source: Have highly qualified, motivated and experienced professionals, have the ability to achieve patient participation and have processes digitized as electronic medical records. These are […]
19 March, 2019

Roche launches a clinical trials platform focused on the needs of patients

Source: The pharmaceutical company Roche has announced the launch of a new platform for clinical trials that is designed with the needs of patients throughout […]
15 March, 2019

The Association of Pharmaceutical Industry discusses counterfeit medicines

Source: On March 14, the 39th Symposium of the Spanish Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (AEFI) began in Barcelona, ??under the theme ‘Tracings and in contact […]
13 March, 2019

Promote R & D, ensure access and measure results, keys to the future in oncological drugs

Source: During a debate at the 7th Forum of the Foundation for Excellence and Quality of Oncology (ECO) held in Madrid, the president of Farmaindustria, […]
12 March, 2019

The pharmaceutical industry has doubled its investment in clinical research in Spain since 2005

Source: In less than three decades Spain has experienced an unprecedented advance in biomedical research, to be placed in the group of countries with better […]
7 March, 2019

The AEMPS explains how to apply for the temporary exemption for batch control in the United Kingdom

Source: The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) has informed about the possibility of requesting the temporary exemption from the obligation to carry […]
27 February, 2019

First criteria to offer T-CAR therapies; Health figure “between 5 and 7” reference hospitals

Source: This Tuesday the institutional working group of the plan on T-CAR therapies in the SNS meets. At the entrance of the meeting, the Minister […]
25 February, 2019

Javier Urzay, deputy director of Farmaindustria: “We want to turn Spain into one of the most attractive places in the world to do biomedical research”

Source: “In this country we have a first-line healthcare system, well-trained health professionals, excellent research centers, committed patient organizations and pioneering legislation in Europe. Along […]
22 February, 2019

The effective participation of patients, essential for the success of clinical trials

Source: Representatives of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products, research teams, pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations agree on the opportunity and need to […]
19 February, 2019

One of every six clinical trials that is carried out in Spain is already to investigate orphan drugs

Source: The commitment of the pharmaceutical industry to the research and development of treatments for rare diseases is indisputable and, as the data show, growing. […]
13 February, 2019

Spain attracts more than 250 clinical trials in oncohematology in the last four years

Source: Various facts and arguments support the condition of Spain as an attractive country for the development of biopharmaceutical research projects: the quality of its […]
12 February, 2019

Develop new medicines, make them accessible in a sustainable environment and attract investments to the country, objectives of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain

Source: Investigate and develop new medicines more and more precise and effective, facilitate the access of patients to these innovative drugs in an environment of […]
22 January, 2019

The Carlos III Health Institute announces new European calls for research

Source: The Health Institute Carlos III (ISCIII) has announced that, through European programs, has “about five million euros” to participate in the latest calls open […]
14 January, 2019

AEMPS corrects its document on instructions for clinical trials in Spain

Source: The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS) has published the correction of errors of version 10 of the document of instructions for […]
8 January, 2019

A new refinement increases the safety of CAR-T therapy

Source: Bellicum Pharma has reported the preliminary results of its phase I / II dose escalation study in 12 patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer treated […]
26 December, 2018

Investigations of the Carlos III National Center for Cardiovascular Research

Source: The studies published by the CNIC scientists during the year 2017 consolidate this center as an institution of Spanish and international research excellence, highlighting […]
20 December, 2018

New method for the prediction of response to treatment in clinical trials

Source: Researchers from the universities of Vienna and Lancaster have developed a method aimed at improving precision medicine already during the clinical development phase of […]
14 December, 2018

Combining metformin and an antihypertensive is effective against tumors

Source: A common medication for diabetes, combined with a drug against high blood pressure, is able to inhibit the growth of tumorese induce the death […]
12 December, 2018

Advances in therapies directed to lymphocytes in systemic lupus erythematosus

Source: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease with multifaceted and extremely variable clinical manifestations, characterized by relapses and outbreaks followed by periods of […]
4 December, 2018

More than 130,000 patients participate in 3,000 clinical trials in Spain

Source: Spain has become the second country in the world where more clinical trials are carried out, only surpassed by the United States, the hegemonic […]
29 November, 2018

Farma-Biotech promotes nine projects on innovative drugs

Source: Different Spanish biotechnology companies and research groups presented on Wednesday a total of nine advanced innovative drug development projects to representatives of 17 national […]
22 November, 2018

INCLIVA shows the possible improvement of atherosclerosis through a molecule

Source: Researchers from the Health Research Institute of the Hospital Clínico de Valencia (INCLIVA) have shown that a molecule used to treat cancer, called PD033299, […]
20 November, 2018

Novartis works with 50 molecules in the development of new CART therapies

Source: The great results obtained with CAR-T therapies in cancer patients in whom chemotherapy has failed have focused the day ‘Towards a greater knowledge of […]
16 November, 2018

Astra Zeneca presents new indications on the benefits of Brilique

Source: AstraZeneca has presented new analyzes of the Pegasus-Timi 54 trial in the framework of the Scientific Conferences of the American Heart Association. These findings […]
15 November, 2018

EMA publishes a report on the impact of Brexit on the authorization of medicines

Source: A day after knowing the draft agreement on Brexit that last Tuesday, November 13, reached the European Union (EU) and the British Government, the […]
8 November, 2018

Europe approves a new indication for Xtandi, from Astellas, for prostate cancer

Source: The European Commission has approved a new indication of enzalutamide, a drug whose trade name is Xtandi and which was registered by the pharmaceutical […]
5 November, 2018

Enhance R & D and protect intellectual property, petitions from the pharmaceutical industry to Europe

Source: In order to highlight the priorities of the sector when there are just over seven months left for the next European elections, a manifesto, […]
30 October, 2018

The AEMPS publishes new features in the treatment of drug registration dossiers

Source: The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has published the news regarding the submission of requests for regulatory activities of medicines for […]
10 November, 2022

“There must be a national commitment for Spain to remain at the forefront of clinical research”.

Increased international competitiveness and digitalisation will require more investment in infrastructure and resources to ensure that our country remains at the forefront of biomedical R&D Source: […]
27 October, 2022

Multiple sclerosis patients interested in clinical trials

Farmaindustria explains to Esclerosis Múltiple Euskadi what these studies consist of, how to take part in them and how research into this pathology is progressing Source: […]
25 October, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry leads the world in R&D investment: it now exceeds 200 billion a year

Aerospace and defence investment is eight times higher than in the aerospace and defence industry, seven times higher than in the chemical industry, and twice as […]
17 October, 2022

Biomedical R&D advances in the aftermath of the pandemic: the pharmaceutical industry has 8,000 drugs under investigation, 10% of them for rare diseases

Oncology, infectious diseases, neurology, haematology and endocrinology are the areas with the highest number of clinical trials with new treatments underway. Seven out of ten molecules […]
27 September, 2022

Argentinean health authorities and pharmaceutical industry are interested in the keys to Spain’s leadership in clinical research

Farmaindustria explains to some twenty experts some of the policies and initiatives that have made Spain an international benchmark in clinical drug trials Source: Representatives […]
19 July, 2022

More training and information to move towards excellence in clinical trials in Spain

Farmaindustria organises workshops with representatives of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Spanish Medicines Agency to continue working on the implementation of the new Code […]
24 June, 2022

Farmaindustria highlights the consolidation of Spain’s leadership in biomedical R&D, within the Strategic Plan of the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the framework of its General Assembly, held in Madrid Source: In the framework of its General Assembly, held in Madrid, Farmaindustria has highlighted, this […]
13 June, 2022

How research into new medicines changes people’s lives

Representatives of patients’ associations, researchers and experts in health economics debate in the newspaper El Español on the link between health, the economy and the well-being […]
10 June, 2022

The digital transformation of biomedical research must be deployed with full safeguards for patients

The creation of the European Health Data Space is emerging as a great opportunity to boost R&D for new medicines. Public-private collaboration, once again, at the […]
9 June, 2022

Clinical trial succeeds in eliminating cancer in all participants

For the first time in the history of medicine a drug completely kills all patients’ tumours Source: It’s called dostarlimab, it’s an experimental cancer drug, […]
21 April, 2022

“Our code of conduct on data protection in clinical trials and pharmacovigilance is a benchmark for the future European code”.

Farmaindustria’s self-regulation document is the focus of a scientific meeting organised by the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy.   Source: Less than a month ago […]
22 March, 2022

Hospital Puerta de Hierro joins a clinical trial that could change the paradigm of lung cancer

Source: The Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, led by the Head of the Medical Oncology Department, Dr. Mariano Provencio, is participating in an international […]