Novo Nordisk Spain increases patients in clinical trials by 50% in three years


Since 2018, Novo Nordisk Spain has increased the number of patients in clinical trials by 50%, as detailed by Fernando Fuentes, head of Clinical Operations at Novo Nordisk in Spain. In addition, in the last four years, the Danish multinational has invested 19.1 million euros in R&D in our country, an economic amount that has allowed it to pay for the execution of a total of 38 clinical trials, for which it was counted with the participation of 1,096 patients. In the coming years, this investment effort is expected to increase by requiring a higher number of patients and centers to participate in research projects, which is definitely the most important expense in a clinical trial and the one with the greatest impact. represents the entire innovation process carried out by the company.

In our country, more than three million people suffer from diabetes. A figure that will exceed four million in 2045. As Fernando Fuentes explains, “despite improvements in diabetes treatment options, there is still a clear need for better prevention and treatment. Thanks to clinical research, at Novo Nordisk we actively contribute to the development of new drugs and maintain our responsibility to rigorously evaluate our products to document their efficacy and safety. ”

The shared value of clinical research

The value provided by such research is clear and includes, in Fernando Fuentes’ opinion, different angles. “First of all for patients, since their participation in clinical trials makes it possible to have more and better treatments for diabetes, hemophilia and other therapeutic areas. In addition, the instruction received during the clinical trial can help them later in the treatment of their disease. Secondly, for researchers and centers where clinical trials are carried out, it is also a plus of training in the treatment of diseases, which then translates into better monitoring and performance with patients. Finally, our clinical research activity generates a positive impact on the progress of science and the local economy. ”

Specifically, 71% of people with diabetes believe they have acquired better eating habits after participating in a clinical trial. While 74% of healthcare professionals agree that the benefits of participation for patients extend beyond the duration of the clinical trial.

On the other hand, the knowledge that health professionals acquire through their participation in clinical research ultimately contributes to improving patient care and conducting other research in centers. In fact, 75% believe that clinical trials contribute to a general improvement in the treatment and care of patients in their hospital / clinic.

For the head of Clinical Operations of Novo Nordisk in our country, “the direct, stable and long-term collaboration work with our centers or hospitals where we carry out the trials contributes to a greater involvement of physicians in access to therapeutic innovation. So much so, that even both parties share the main objective of improving the quality of life of patients with diabetes, hemophilia and other diseases. ” Without a doubt, clinical research is a complex and highly regulated process that is based on collaboration between industry, hospitals, patients, professionals, governments and health authorities.

The value of research to society

However, clinical research also adds value to society, beyond the generation of efficiency and safety data. This has a positive impact on the local economy since, for example, for each person hired in clinical research, several jobs are created.

Furthermore, scientific advances based on clinical research are disseminated through scientific networks and publications, promoting best practices in care. “But clinical research can create even more value for all stakeholders and for society at large. For this, it is essential to work towards the achievement of common objectives ”, concludes Fernando Fuentes.

The number of patients in clinical trials in Spain continues to grow over the years. At Distefar, one of our services is the management of reimbursement of expenses to patients during the clinical trial.

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