Pharmaceutical companies, managers, healthcare professionals and researchers seek to strengthen the excellence of clinical trials in Spain

Farmaindustria brings together in Madrid more than 120 experts to continue advancing in an area in which our country is already an international benchmark


What are the criteria that the centers must meet to host clinical trials; how to improve its management or how to facilitate patient participation. Some of the questions that have been asked by more than 120 health professionals, researchers and managers of hospitals and public and private centers that have participated this Thursday in Madrid, together with representatives of pharmaceutical companies that promote trials, in a work meeting organized by Farmaindustria to advance the excellence of clinical research in Spain, the phase of development that serves to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of new medicines.

The general deputy director of Farmaindustria, Javier Urzay, explained how the conduct of clinical trials in Spanish hospitals and research centers has very positive consequences for the health system and the centers themselves, because the trials attract economic investments; for health professionals, because they add reputation and experience to complement their care work with the researcher, and for the pharmaceutical industry, because they can count on health professionals and adequate clinical facilities to boost their research and development of new medicines.

But, above all, clinical trials are beneficial for patients, who, thanks to them, can have early access to the most innovative treatments, not yet authorized, which in certain pathologies and when other treatments have failed can mean survival itself .

The objective of the forum is to continue moving forward in a way in which Spain is already an international benchmark, thanks to the commitment of pharmaceutical companies and collaboration with health administration, hospitals, health professionals and patients. Spain already participates in three out of ten trials carried out in Europe, and has positioned itself very well particularly in the early stages, the most complex of the trials. It is important to continue working to take advantage of these strengths and to become a leading country in clinical research.

In this line, the meeting discussed the latest data and future prospects of the BEST Project of excellence in clinical research, promoted by Farmaindustria to promote trials in Spain, as well as areas for improvement in the field of patient recruitment, one of the aspects where there is a greater capacity for progression in Spain. In its twelve years of life, the BEST Project has facilitated the completion of more than 3,000 trials, involving 150,000 patients.

The participants also had access to updated information on good practices in talent management in research teams and in the management of clinical trials in the hospital pharmacy. Other key aspects addressed were the attraction of trials in early phases, the digitalization of processes, innovation in the R & D of new medicines or the criteria of competitiveness and measurement of results.

As a result of this workshop, a consensus document with criteria and priorities will soon be drawn up to boost Spain’s competitiveness as a world reference for clinical research.

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