23 May, 2024


Spain is a benchmark country in the world and the first in Europe to conduct clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs. […]
15 May, 2024

The European Health Technology Assessment Regulation, an opportunity to speed up access to new medicines for patients in Spain

Its application should also serve to put an end to repetitive and inefficient evaluations and guarantee rigour for patients and healthcare professionals, who will play an […]
13 May, 2024

Farmaindustria launches Jóvenes en Farma, a web space to raise awareness of job opportunities in the sector and connect junior talent with companies

Recruitment forecasts for innovative pharmaceutical companies for the coming years exceed 10,000 new jobs for the under-30s. The website offers practical information about the sector and […]
30 April, 2024

Precision medicine and new medicines require the modernisation of evaluation and funding processes, including the social perspective and the economic contribution to the country.

Funcas and Farmaindustria held a conference on ‘The economic regulation of the pharmaceutical industry. Current situation and future prospects in Spain’, which was attended by more […]
24 April, 2024

Spain, a clinical trials powerhouse

Spain is at the forefront of research. Experts discuss the potential of new medicines at a forum organised by EL PAÍS and Farmaindustria. In the […]
22 April, 2024

Innovation as a patients’ right

DemócrataPRO brings together the Health Commission to debate on the reform of the law on medicines On 21 March, DemócrataPro brought together the spokespersons of the […]
3 April, 2024

Technology and Innovation Platforms, key elements of Spain’s R&D&I system

The Spanish Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines, led by Farmaindustria, has been promoting public-private collaboration projects in clinical and pre-clinical research since 2005. “Spain currently occupies […]
2 April, 2024


Human papillomavirus is responsible for 95% of cervical tumours. Since 2006, several vaccines have been licensed that can prevent most cases. In Spain, the autonomous communities […]
19 March, 2024

The health sector, essential for the well-being of the population and an economic engine for society The ecosystem of the private healthcare sector transcends the field of healthcare and has an impact on society and on the productive sectors of the […]
7 March, 2024

Spain takes, on average, two years to approve a drug for a minority disease

There are 146 orphan drugs approved by the European Medicines Agency. Spain has only 81 in its catalogue. It has rejected funding for 25 and is […]
5 March, 2024

22% of clinical trials underway in Spain seek new treatments for rare diseases

Research into new drugs for rare diseases has multiplied in recent years. In Spain, industry drives 90% of clinical trials for this type of disease. One […]
13 February, 2024

The Andalusian Regional Government and Farmaindustria will promote R&D&I in health with a special focus on the promotion of clinical trials.

In a press release, the Andalusian Regional Government highlights the joint commitment of both entities to continue advancing in the promotion of R&D&I, following the meeting […]
8 February, 2024

Spain is the country with the highest participation in clinical trials of new drugs in Europe

Of the 1,944 clinical trials authorised in the European Union through the new European Information System, Spanish centres participated in 845, or 43% of the total. […]
6 February, 2024

Europe calls latest cancer drugs “significant progress” for health

The European Medicines Agency has thus identified nine oncology approvals for 2023. The arrival of new treatments is directly linked to the pharmaceutical industry’s commitment to […]
2 February, 2024

The Innovative Medicines Platform sets its roadmap for 2024 with the aim of turning Spain into a major biomedical innovation hub

The Technological Platform for Innovative Medicines – whose Coordination Committee is made up of 10 representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and 10 representatives from public research […]
1 February, 2024

A common catalogue of biomarkers in the National Health System is a great step forward for patients because it improves access to personalised medicine.

Farmaindustria welcomes the presentation by the Ministry of Health of the harmonised catalogue of genetic tests for the whole country. For this catalogue to become a […]
30 January, 2024

Frank R. Lichtenberg, Professor at Columbia University: “Life expectancy of cancer patients in Spain has increased by almost three years in the last decade thanks to the use of innovative drugs”.

The US expert unpacked the data from his study on the relationship between pharmaceutical innovation and cancer mortality in Spain between 1999 and 2016 in a […]
15 January, 2024

FDA approves 55 new drugs in 2023, one of the highest numbers in a decade

Infectious diseases, neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes in children, oncology and cardiac disorders are just some of the areas that benefited from the innovation drive last […]
11 January, 2024

The Distefar team is environmentally conscious and switches from buying single-use plastic bottles to glass bottles.

8 January, 2024

The pharmaceutical industry, a strategic sector for Spain and Europe

“We are the industrial area that invests the most in R&D, a productive and exporting engine”. Developing and producing new medicines for society is both […]
21 December, 2023

Paediatricians join project to boost clinical research in primary care

The working group led by Farmaindustria holds a new meeting, with the participation of two new pharmaceutical companies. The drive for clinical research in Primary […]
19 December, 2023

R&D investment in the pharmaceutical industry reaches 1.4 billion euros in Spain and grows by 10% in just one year

Of the €1.395 billion registered in 2022, 60% was devoted to clinical trial development. One out of every eight euros is already spent on basic and […]
11 December, 2023

“The European Health Data Space is an opportunity to gain greater efficiency in cancer drug research”.

Farmaindustria participates in the Medical Oncology, Haematology and Oncohaematology Pharmacy Congress ‘Building Bridges’, where data management in biomedical research was discussed. “The proposed Regulation for […]
1 December, 2023

“Clinical trials are a hope for patients with rare diseases and already account for 25% of all research done in Spain”.

Farmaindustria’s CEO, Juan Yermo, participates in the conference ‘Towards a Comprehensive European Plan: Spain’s involvement with Rare Diseases’, organised by Feder in the Spanish Congress of […]
27 November, 2023

Boosting clinical research in Primary Care, an opportunity for patients, professionals and the health system

Farmaindustria presents the ‘Guide of good practice recommendations for the promotion of clinical research in Primary Care’, which will bring new treatment opportunities to patients in […]
21 November, 2023

“The European Health Data Space is a unique opportunity that will improve research and innovation for the whole of society.

The director of Farmaindustria’s Research Department participates in a round table on the regulation of this project held at the European Parliament Office in Madrid. “For […]
13 November, 2023

Farmaindustria’s protection of personal data in research is already a benchmark in Europe and is a further incentive to attract clinical trials to Spain.

The Code of Conduct regulating the processing of personal data in clinical trials approved in 2022 makes it easier for companies and researchers to correctly comply […]
2 November, 2023

Medicines for rare diseases already account for 39% of those authorised in Europe, but take more than two years to reach Spain

The director of Farmaindustria’s Access Department, Isabel Pineros, participates in the XVI International Congress on Rare Diseases: “In recent years we have seen great advances in […]
30 October, 2023

New drugs reduce cancer deaths in Spain by almost 30%.

This is demonstrated by a recent study by Professor Frank R. Lichtenberg of Columbia University, which has just been published in the journal Value in Health. […]
24 October, 2023

Precision medicine opens new hopes in breast cancer: 14 targeted therapies authorized since 2018

On World Disease Day, which is celebrated on October 19, Farmaindustria remembers the importance of clinical trials, the previous step for the arrival of innovative treatments […]
28 January, 2020

Clinical trials, cost savings for the system and innovative therapies for the patient

They are essential to demonstrate the safety of medicines, but they also represent a significant cost savings in the health centers where they are carried out. […]