Takeda launches a website that groups all its clinical trials

So, in an exercise of transparency, anyone can have access to this data

Carmen Montoto, Takeda Medical Director in Spain

Source: www.redaccionmedica.com

As part of its commitment to research, aimed at improving the quality of life of patients, Takeda has launched a website that groups all its clinical trials, including those of Shire, a company with which it joined in April 2020. In addition to To reinforce the commitment to transparency, the website seeks to make the environment of clinical trials more understandable to patients, while making them aware of the importance of participating in them.

In this sense, Carmen Montoto, medical director of Takeda in Spain explains that “the access of patients to clinical trials is complicated because until now their role has not been taken into account from the beginning to the end in the research process. Through this initiative, Takeda seeks to facilitate involvement in studies, a key fact for improving hope and quality of life for millions of patients around the world ”.

With the launch of this website, the company wants to take another step forward in its commitment to patients, whom it places at the center of its research activity, in this case by sharing all the information available about clinical trials. Using simple language and accompanying the information with videos and infographics, the website answers basic questions such as what is a clinical trial and why is it important or what are the study phases. It also explains the relevance of diversity in research and the need for patients to participate in clinical trials.

This portal will publish the research process and the results of each of the clinical trials in which the company participates, so that anyone can have access to this data. The website also provides researchers with comprehensive guidance on how to use Takeda clinical trial data for their own independent research.

“The responsible exchange of clinical trial data with patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and the general population is key to the development of innovative medicines,” says Montoto. “Increased transparency improves confidence in our therapies and helps all of us make the best health decisions,” she highlights. At the moment, the website is available in English.

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