8 June, 2021

The medicine, health, social and economic value

Biomedical innovation cannot be considered an expense, but rather an investment that redounds in the medium and long term in health systems and in society as […]
21 May, 2021

The investment of the pharmaceutical industry in R&D grows in 2020 despite the pandemic

Via: www.consalud.es The pharmaceutical industry investment in R&D has increased during 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic, but the productivity of clinical trials remains below average. This […]
20 May, 2021

Spain, a country of reference in conducting clinical trials

Via: www.immedicohospitalario.es Clinical trials mobilize financial resources, allow health professionals to add research experience to their care activity and provide patients with early access to new […]
10 May, 2021

The pharmaceutical industry has almost 90 drugs under development against antimicrobial resistance

Researchers at pharmaceutical companies are working to develop innovative antibacterial treatments, such as bacteriophages, live therapeutics, and monoclonal antibodies. The development period for new antimicrobials can […]
6 May, 2021

“Europe has the challenge of regaining ground lost to the US and Asia in drug research” “

In just two decades, the European Union has gone from leading global biomedical R&D to being the origin of only 23% of new drugs, while 47% […]
27 April, 2021

Digitization in clinical research advances for the benefit of patients

The pandemic has prompted the digitization of some clinical trial processes, but questions remain to be resolved in the globalized management of health data Farmaindustria defends […]
15 April, 2021

Observational studies with drugs published in the Spanish Trial Registry

  Source: www.actasanitaria.com The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has communicated that Royal Decree 957/2020, of November 3, which regulates observational studies with […]
17 March, 2021

Spain launched 44 clinical trials for cardiovascular diseases in 2020

Pharmacological treatments, together with heart-healthy lifestyles, are the factors that contribute the most to improving the control of these pathologies The pharmaceutical industry has 600 investigational […]
11 March, 2021

Promoting the use of biomarkers improves cancer diagnosis and treatment

A new study evaluates the availability, quality and reimbursement of these tests in the European Union It proposes short and long-term measures to move towards precision […]
4 March, 2021

20% of clinical trials in Spain are already focused on rare diseases

The European Regulation on Orphan Medicines of the year 2000 has been the key in this research launch A quarter of the annual approvals of new […]
23 February, 2021

Clinical trials: this is how drugs and vaccines are designed

Medications and vaccines don’t come out of nowhere. They are not done in a rush and they are not due to commercial gimmicks. They are the […]
5 February, 2021

Cancer: the fight is not stopped by the covid; 4 out of 10 investigational drugs are antitumor

Source: https: www.diariofarma.com Cancer continues to be one of the main fronts of the fight for drug research. On the occasion of tomorrow’s World Cancer Day […]
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